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Bespoke website solutions aimed at positioning your small business above the competition.

I'm a web designer and developer with 25+ years of experience in the design industry.

I have worked with a range of businesses and top organizations in the U.K and New Zealand, where I built complex websites using various technologies. However, regardless of the glitz associated with large corporations, my passion has always been to partner with small businesses and help them succeed in their endeavors. Hence, Static Media was born.

See, as a small business owner, I acknowledge the challenges that come with owning and running your own venture.

Among the challenges is building a robust online presence - one that not only mirrors your ever-evolving brand but also speaks to your customers.

But being the busy person you are, do you have time to do this? Is your website getting the attention and maintenance it deserves?

I am here for people like you. I will handle everything related to your website so you can focus on growing your business - of course, at a very affordable fee. After all, I understand what kind of budget small businesses work with.

My approach

My approach to design and digital success is customer-centric, data-driven, and always tailored to your brand’s exact needs and goals.

I will start by learning about your business and customers. I will combine this info with my 25+ years of experience in design and coding - so that together - we can create a bespoke plan to help your business grow.

I guarantee:

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